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Daisy Cutter

Owner of Blu83





Money Maker: Daisy's signiture act!


Performed to a mix of Portishead, Salt ‘n’ Pepa, MIA and Ludacris. Daisy is a beautiful golden Grecian goddess with huge white feather fans, but this act has a most unexpected twist when you get to see her gold booty shorts and Swarovski Nike high-tops!

The Parasol

Performed to the lime in the coconut- Harry Nillson.

Daisy twirls her parasol and elegantly dances to this catchy tune spinning her skirt and revealing some unexpected pasties!

Cannibal Girl

Performed to Rob Zombie- Theme to House of 1000 Corpses

Not for the faint hearted. Daisy has a surprise under her full length robe, her outfit is made from body parts and skin!

The cannibal girl is hungry and the pot on the stove is full of body parts and blood, ready for a feast.


Performed to a mix of As the water and Akiko Yano- No cha cha cha

Daisy is a newly enlisted wannabe geisha, but she’s still not quite perfect and just a tad cheeky! Wearing a gold and black kimono, with handmade geta and tabi, she performs a little poi when she unwinds her obi.

Performed to a mix of Bob Dylan- times are a changin’ and Jimi Hendrix- All Along the Watchtower.

Daisy is dressed as Miss Jupiter from watchmen, in a one-off custom latex outfit. She cries, drinks wine and mourns the demise of herself and her love/hate for the comedian. Performed with silk fans.

Time's are a'changin'

Performed to The Cramps-What’s inside a girl

This act is a comedyesque routine and sees daisy dressed in rubber and leopard print and having to be dragged on stage. Will she end up loving or hating the attention?

The Reluctant Dom

moneymaker canniba; geisha act(1) miss jupiter2

Brand new acts!!


This IS Burlesque.

Absolute parody of the parody of burlesque and how it is percieved by different people. complete with a bump 'n' grind to R Kelly!


Dat Ass

Apparently, its all about the bass with this one. Ass shakin' twerkamania!

reluctant dominatrix daisycutter- parasol

COMING SOON..........


In the new year Daisy will be retiring most of her old acts in order to create new ones! She has taken a step back from performing this year in order to concentrate on her growing costume business and writing a book.